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Code of Conduct

University Policy on Appropriate Conduct in Libraries



The purpose of this policy is to maintain a pleasant library environment conducive to study and research, protect the health and safety of patrons, and preserve materials, equipment, and facilities. Policies for appropriate library conduct aim to safeguard the sanctity of the Library environment by encouraging mutual respect for the right of other users and library staff. The Librarian in charge of the department, where any violation occurs has the prerogative to stop or report violator(s) of the rules listed below under “Action and Reporting”.


Library Rules

 Follow all library rules posted in the form of signs in the different areas of the Library.


  • Observe silence in the Library common areas and don't disturb others.


  • Study rooms are provided for group discussions. 


  •  Personal items such as bags and notebooks should not be left unattended


  •  Personal items that are found will be sent to the Security office and marked as Lost Items.


  •  Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited inside the library, except drinks in bottles or covered cups.


  • Be quiet and keep the place tidy at the Silent Zone inside the Library.


  •  In Case of inappropriate behavior, students must present their ID card to Library staff and University Security upon request .


  •  Talking on mobile phones in the reading areas strictly prohibited. Please ensure mobiles phones are silent.


  •  Action will be taken by the Library Administration and University Security against any users who do not follow these rules.


  • Show your QU ID card in order to be able to borrow library items. You must not allow anyone else to use your QU ID card to access  the  Library and borrow materials.


  • Assume full responsibility for all items borrowed on your card, returning or renewing them on time and responding promptly to any library notices: do not transfer or lend items borrowed on your card to others.


  • Handle Library books and other materials with care and respect. Library items should not be written on, defaced, tempered with or torn.


  • Seating is available for library users. Please make use of the furniture, and don't move any pieces from its place (such as plugs, chairs, tables etc.


  •  Never enter areas designated as staff working area unless by appointment.


  •  Ask for permission if you wish to post an announcement at one of the Library's boards.


  •  The Library has a security barrier to monitor circulation of library items. Activation of the alarm may result in searching bags.


  •  Abide by the copyright law and policies posted on the library webpage and next to photocopiers in the Library.


 Libraries' Rights & Duties

 The Library reserves the right to:

  •  Ask any violator of the rules stated above to stop their disruptive behavior; upon unwillingness to comply with verbal warnings a user may be asked to leave the Library premises.


  • Call the University Protection Office if a library user is resisting staff instructions to abide by the Library rules.


  • Contact the Dean of Students if the library user is a student and is in a serious and deliberate violation of the library rules.


  • Bill the library user for lost, missing, mutilated, defaced items, including a processing fee.


  • Revoke library privileges in cases of serious offenses and violations