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Qatar University 2019  

General Policy


  • Qatar University Library seeks to maintain a pleasant library environment conducive to study and research and to protect the health and safety of its users. This is achieved through the cooperation of the library users in respecting one another and in adhering to the appropriate behaviors to preserve the library environment and its materials, equipment, and facilities.

  • The policy targets behavioral ethics in using the library and preserving the library's entity and its environment by encouraging mutual respect for the right of library users and library staff.

  • The Librarian in charge has the prerogative to stop or report violator(s) of the rules listed below:


  • Voilation: Non-compliance with the rules and guidelines governing the use of the library.

  • Library Privileges: Services eligible to library members only, which allows the utilization of all library facilities.

  • Public Services: Responsible department for providing services to all library users (researcher / student / employee / graduate / visitor / ...)

Disruptive Behavior

In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all library users, the librarian will take appropriate measures to correct any disruptive behaviors, including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile phones must be kept on vibrate or silent mode while in the Library quite reading areas.

  • Speak in a low voice and avoid making noises while in the library areas to not disturb others.

  • Do not damage Library books and journals, by removing pages or portions of pages, marking, highlighting, or underlining text, folding pages or bindings, or removing electronic inserts.

  • Do not return Library items back to the shelves after finishing with them. Place them on the tables for the librarians to shelve the items.

  • Food is not allowed in the library buildings. Drinks are allowed in most areas of library when in a container with a securely fastened lid.

  • The Library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into the building. Personal possessions should not be left unattended.

  • Stealing or destroying the personal property of users / researchers / employees or the property of Qatar University Library is a crime punishable by law.

  • It is strictly forbidden to insult, attack and threaten employees, based on the penal law of the State of Qatar.

  • It is not allowed to be in the Library building outside the Library official working hours.

  • Smoking in all its forms is prohibited in all Library areas.

  • Using the membership of another library user is prohibited and will result in the suspension of the member’s Library privileges.

  • Violating the University Code of Conduct can lead to disciplinary actions.

  • Library users must comply with the Library working hours and evacuate the building in case of emergency.

  • Anyone who refuses to comply with the policy will be asked to leave the building, and it might result in the loss of the Library privileges. Some violations to this policy will be subject to legal actions.

Required Steps & Procedures

Employees responsible for the department or the library areas where any of the above violations take place, are permitted to:

  • Request the non-compliant library user to leave the building.

  • In case the violators refuse to leave, the Security is asked to escort defiant violators out of the Library, followed by the suspension of the library user privileges.

  • In the event of the violators failure to respond to the request of the Security, or in case of a long-term consequences caused by the violators, the Security must record the incident by including the name of the violator, date, incident location and the type of the incident.

  • Violations records are submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs, through the librarian, for disciplinary actions in accordance with the University laws and policies.

  • Librarians are permitted to take internal actions, such as, imposing fines, penalties and freezing library user privileges, without the need to consult the library administration.